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Covid Test

It's getting closer to my river cruise...I leave for Budapest July 9...sooooooooo looking forward to it. The United States has now okayed Rapid Covid Tests for reentry. Does anyone know if the Budapest airport has a testing facility onsite for when I return from my vacation?

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a1 I believe that it does, yup, it does but do check in advance as a lot of these are closing:

a2 I get mine at a place called First Med in Buda
a3 Part of the experience of Budapest that I enjoy is sort of living the city, so I welcome visiting a local clinic (actually my sort of primary doctor is there too):
a4 I think you can book on line, but I usually just send them an email and ask if its okay if I come in Tuesday at 9am and they write back with the confirmation.
a5 Its on the 4/6 tram line, but there are places closer into Pest (if that is where you are staying) and probably cheaper places, but I like these guys.
a6 that link that Carol sent has a post from me with links to places in Budapest (as an example).

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Another option is:
They have several locations in Budapest. We went the morning before our departure and had results within the hour, if I remember correctly. Showed the email at the counter at BUD and that was it.