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Concert Tickets

Good Morning,

I am trying to buy tickets for one of the Summer Festival concerts in the open air theatre while in Budapest this summer (Best of Geszti). On the website it lists the concert as 17 July however, when I try to purchase, it says 17 August. 1st, does anyone know of another website to verify the date and 2nd another reliable website to purchase tickets?
Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Thank you both for your replies.

@Sam - well that's disappointing - it looked very high energy & fun.
@James - that's a great alternative - I haven't been to an air show in years and I don't think I've ever taken my daughters.

Thanks again!

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Free is good! ;p) Do you know what hours it runs on the 17th I don't see it on the link provided? That is the day we arrive. We are coming from Barcelona, so we won't have to worry about jet lag. But our flight gets in at 3:00, so looking for something late afternoon or evening.

Thank you

EDIT: I found the program from 2018 and it looks like the flying finishes ups about 3/4pm. Oh well, we are there 5 full days, I don't fly out until the morning of the 23rd, I'm sure we can find something going on! I'm just starting my heavy research now that tax season is over. I'll just have to stop telling the girls the great things I've come up with until I'm sure we can do them!