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Christmas Markets 2021

Does anyone have any info or knowledge about whether the markets will be open this year?

Thanks! Kim

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The word on the street is no markets. By October 1st there should be something official published one way or another.

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BUT!!! the wine festival at the castle goes on week after next!! I may hang around for it.

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You should!

I want to visit Budapest the first two weeks of December. Airfares are super cheap right now and I would love to take advantage of it. I also would love to be there for the holidays. I am on the fence though because of Covid restrictions for Americans, And the possibility of no Christmas markets etc. Any advice?

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Unless the Covid situation drastically changes, the Christmas market will happen this year. Vendors had to apply for selection until the end of August and even around now there are enough tourists to make it tenable.

See here (put it through Google Translate ofc):

BUT I would seriously advise against spending the actual holiday in Budapest. That has nothing to do with Covid, the city just traditionally shuts down, including 99% of restaurants from the 24th afternoon until Boxing Day. Most attractions close as well, and it's just all-around not a great time to visit. Right before or after (the Christmas market is on until 31st), you should come, but not during 24-26th. Vienna is much more tourist-friendly during Christmas itself.

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I don’t disagree that Budapest sort of rolls up the streets on Christmas Eve and stays that way until the 27th, but what city does not? (Lviv?)

If anyone knows of a rocking town on Christmas day, please let me know, or in other words, if you are in Budapest on Christmas day, unless you have a better idea, stay or use it for a travel day (always an excellent idea).

I’ve spent a half dozen Christmas’ in Budapest over the years and didn’t find 99% of the restaurants closed …. 75% maybe … with a little advance planning and reservations there are (were) a lot of really excellent restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I said “were” above because with COVID so many have closed; who knows what will be available for Christmas or any day of the year … its still a bit too early, but in November start calling or writing (I have a list of what was open if anyone is interested).

Plan B: Get an AirBnb and do some grocery shopping … like I said unless someone knows of a city that is open the situation will be the same in most places.

I am glad the markets will be open, I have been checking all the resource I know and couldn’t find that to be true or false; so this is good news.