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Celiac travel

My husband and I are headed to Hungary (then Prague) for a sporting competition in July. Many of the days will be in Szeged, but we have a few days before and after in Budapest. Both of us have celiac, though fortunately not anaphylaxis level - how gluten free friendly will we find Hungary? I know missing beer and dumpings will be sad, but I’m hoping to make up for it with wine and other goodness.

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You will just have to be careful and stick to protein and salads I guess. I have never seen gluten free advertised. Gulyas should be fine (careful though as some is made with tiny dumplings) lots of duck and pork dishes. Wine bars are common. My favorite is Kadarka on Kiraly utca. Hungary produces some pretty decent wine, and Palinka is gluten free ;-)

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Although I don't know specifically about Hungary, most of Western Europe is very keyed in to food allergies. Always explain to the waiter your allergy and you shouldn't have any problems. Bring a card printed in Hungarian in case you encounter staff that doesn't speak English well. Many restaurants might even have gluten free options or substitutions.