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Can this low train fare (Budapest>Munich) be legitimate?

I have searched Rail Europe several times over the past couple of days and keep coming up with a $6 fare (+$18 shipping) from Budapest to Munich in August.

I'm worried I'm missing or misreading something though I have read the fine print and have clicked that I do not have a rail pass.

Can this be the real fare? If so I will book it ASAP before it changes.

Thanks for any advice.


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Jump on it! Worst you could do is lose $6. Railjet (operated by OBB -Austrian Rail) and Rail Europe are legitimate companies so most likely it's legit. Here's a link to more info on Railjet from the man in Seat 61.

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thats rare you are 5 months in advance go for it but watch out for anymore fees when u actually checkout

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I see that fare also but personally I'd be very skeptical, especially since it's so far in the future, they often don't even sell tickets that far ahead. I have my suspicion that it's an error on their website and will be corrected. In the mean time if you're willing to risk the $24, go for it. Once you have the tickets, even if they change the price in the future, you're ok.

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I took your advice and booked it, along with first class tickets from Munich to Salzburg for a total of $99 including shipping. The notification that showed up after I submitted the credit card information said my tickets would not be confirmed until my order was processed in 2-3 business days. I will keep you posted as to whether this $6 fare is too good to be true! Thanks for the input.