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Budapest, Vienna and possibly Prague?

Trying to do some think ahead planning and would like advice. Hubby wants to take me to Budapest as I have never been and he loved the couple of days he was there. Also we want to add Vienna on to that trip as we have never been there. We have been to Salzburg-loved it-but missed seeing Hallstatt and want to see it. AND......both of us have been to Prague and love it and wonder if we should add Prague on as it crazy to try and do Budapest, Vienna, Hallstatt and Prague? We do well with cars and love the freedom of driving where we like when we feel like it but also have done a few trains and they are a great convenience. Any ideas for an itinerary from someone who has done this? We are good to travel for about 12 days and then are ready to come home. Thanks so much for your this forum!

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If you can fly in to Budapest and fly out from Prague, it should very well be doable.
Budapest to Vienna is less than 3 hrs on frequent direct trains.
Have Linz as a base for visiting Hallstatt. A pleasant enough city to keep you busy for half a day. Some 1,5 hrs from Vienna on direct trains. Hallstatt can be done as a day trip from Linz, by train (direct or with one change, taking around 2 hrs) or, probably your preference, by rental car.
Linz has several daily direct trains to Prague, taking around 4 hrs.

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Day 1. Depart
Day 2 Arrive Prague for half a jet lagged day
Day 3 Prague
Dar 4 Prague
Day 5 morning train to Vienna
Day 6 Vienna
Day 7 Vienna / Hallstatt by car
Day 8 Hallstatt / Vienna by car
Day 9 Vienna
Day 10 Morning train to Budapest
Day 11 Budapest
Day 12 Budapest
Day 13 Budapest
Day 14 Budapest to Home.

Got 14 days maybe?

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I agree with James. With only 12 days, it's going to be tight; if you can squeeze out 14-15 days, it will be fine. Of course, since you've already been to Prague, you can cut that shorter - if you don't mind.

If you really can only get 12 days, I'd cut Prague, since you've seen it before. I know how painful it is to make these kinds of decisions, but as someone who usually only gets 10 nights in Europe per trip, I've learned that it makes for a better trip to not attempt too much in the time I have.

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Great tips! Thank you so much for your help!

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My very first trip to Europe, I went to Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Munich. I LOVE the combination of Vienna, Budapest and Prague because they were all a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and their history is so interconnected. I flew into Vienna and then used the train for the rest of the trip. SO easy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Budapest.Its not as busy as Prague, and a little edgier, perhaps. I would say they are still coming out from under the hardships of the 20th century. A visit to Parlament is a must! When I was there the English tours were at 10am. I am a high energy person, especially when I travel. I also have limited time for travel. I think you could see a lot of Vienna, Budapest and Prague in 12 days, even with a daytrip to Hallstatt. Obviously, more days is better, but we all need to live within our limits.