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Budapest Tour Guides & Day Trips and Overnight Trips???

Can anyone recommend a private guide in Budapest?
Can anyone recommend a "Free" Group Tour in Budapest?

Your favorite day trips out of Budapest?
Your favorite overnight trips out of Budapest?

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You can go online and find Free Walking Tours of most any city. We went on the one in Prague and later Budapest and found the tour guides (working for tips) to be excellent.

We went on the Nightlife Tour of Prague, and it was great. I cannot imagine how good their Budapest Nightlife tour would be with all the Ruin Pubs in that city.

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Oh my goodness! Guess what I'm going to try to do in September!

(@James: so sorry to steal your thread here, but a bakery class at my favorite bakery??!!)

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You guys steal away. Sounds like fun.

My go to guy for a guide in Budapest is getting a bit long in tooth (I first hired him in 2003 and he has to be getting to my age), so I was hoping to get some other's experience with guides so I could try one out in the next few weeks.

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@Christy, I loved it! The cake I had tasted the same as the closer location (delicious) but I loved the tram ride up and down. A whole different morning! And I found the class when I was looking up the locations.

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Thanks James. ;) TexasTravelmom waived at my relatives for me as she rode past their house on the tram. ha!

I can't imagine recomending any day trips that you haven't already done. YOU are the expert.
Having said that, if you can visit Matyodesign, in the little village of Tard, on a tour, you won't regret it.

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I’m jealous. I want to get to go off topic, too…..

@Christy, the cakes were good, but the best part of the morning was the two sweet ladies who asked me a question in Hungarian (one on my way into the cafe and another one at the tram stop on my way out). I smiled very apologetically and replied “I only speak English” (in English). They both responded exactly alike, “Oh, sorry, sorry!”

Ok, back on topic…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I hired a guide for a group in 2018, but I probably wouldn’t repeat.

Private guide, Adam (Behind Budapest company)

Extremely knowledgeable, wonderful stories and locations - tailored tour to my needs.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
A really nice place for an overnight or two is Eger. We took the bus out and the train back. Both modes were entertaining.

Google Eger, and then look up the Hotel Senator in Eger. As I recall, both the bus stop and the train station are within walking distance of the town center, even when dragging luggage. The Senator has secure parking if traveling by car.

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