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Budapest Rozsadomb neighborhood

In the spirit of Hungary book reading, I'm reading a recent biography of Janos Kadar, and in it found out that in the 1950's he lived in the Rozsadomb, or Rose Hill, neighborhood in Buda. I figured if thats where the communist bigwigs lived back then its probably a nice area, and from the photos I've seen it does look nice. On airbnb I found a comfortable looking 1st floor flat in a refurbished villa in the neighborhood. We like quiet neighborhoods over convenience. I'm wondering what the drawbacks would be to the area.
Bwt, all my Hungary research has inspired me to write a trip report of my 1989 trip to among other places, Budapest. Its posted in the trip report section.

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As James is implying, the only drawback would be that almost all sights are on the Pest side. However, if your apartment is not far from the tram stop on the 4/6 line, that's not inconvenient at all. That tram runs every few minutes and connects many sights as well as multiple subway stops, so it's easy to get anywhere in the city.

I don't know the neighborhood at all, so I can't comment otherwise; I just looked at a map to see where it was.

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I have an acquaintance that lives in the area; its really very beautiful. If you figure that Deak Ferenc ter is sort of the center point for the Pest attractions then figure, on average, from the center of the neighborhood, you will be about 30 minutes from anything by foot and by tram. You can probably cut that a bit if you ride the bus, but I am not a big bus fan. Also remember you will have to do a lot of up and down the hill walking.