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Budapest Parliament tour (in English)

It seems that the tours for the Budapest Parliament are only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays?
Is that correct? And does anyone know what time the English tours are?

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That might be because of the virus. Was there a few years ago and I think it is well worth it. Buy tickets there lines go fast. Be prepared for up and down stairs and long hallways! If you time it right you can watch the changing of the Crown Guards inside the Dome Hall at the top of the hour. There's also the changing of the guards outside at the flag pole at the same time.

You can email them and ask about the times: tourism (at)

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I believe the schedule should be online -- we took the tour in January 2020 just before everything shut down. Reserved online in advance.

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I wouldn't wait to buy tickets until the day you hope to take the tour. I understand the English tours sell out sometimes (maybe more often than "sometimes"). Perhaps they won't be so busy now, but if it's important to you, I'd buy the ticket when you reach the point of being sure you're going to be able to make the trip.

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I found this website. Not sure it's the official website but the information says that after June 16, 2021, the Parliament will be open every day.

Anyone know if this is the real website as compared to this:

Anyway, I'm in the planning stages now. Won't book until October or until it's confirmed that the parliament is open every day for tours.

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This is the official website:

If you happen to not get tickets to the English tours, which do sell out quickly, you can take another language tour to see. Maybe a language you studied in high school and could still make some sense of?

Alternatively, I elected to take a city tour, and the English tour of Parliament and the entry ticket were all included, handled by the tour operator. A more expensive option, of course, but a nice overview of the city.

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derek, In 2019 I used the website to purchase our English tour tickets about a month in advance. They emailed me the tickets. It had a QR code. I also made copies. It was a wonderful tour. After the tour we walked a minute away to see “The shoes on the Danube.”

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FYI, if you have problems with stairs the guide can send you up and down on an elevator if you let him/her know at the beginning of the tour.