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Budapest - Parliament tour and opera house for June 18 2022

I have gone on the website for the Parliament and cannot seem to find a way to purchase tickets specifically for Saturday June 18, 2022.

Are tickets not released in advance? I went on and chose parliament tour and they only had dates into Jan 2022.

Also, I read post that sometimes it’s better to book with a tour company that includes a parliament ticket. If that is the case, does anyone have recommendations for a city tour that includes a parliament tour in English?

Also, I did not see a website in the RS book to reserve tickets to the Opera House tour - are they sold in advance ? I need tour tickets for the opera house on either June 17 or June 18th, 2022

Perhaps there is one tour company that I can sign up with that includes tours of both the parliament and the opera house

Suggestions are appreciated .

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natique2: Dont panic. The Parliament doesnt post openings too far in advance. Just keep an eye on it. You book the Opera tours through the Opera website ( ). I noticed that the Eiffel tours only showed through January, but I am certain that they and the Opera tours will run all year but just aren't posted yet. You can get your tickets for a performance at the Opera or the Operett now (I did last night for March). Season this year for the Opera runs long until early July. The Operett only has listings through February, but they usually run till mid-June. I suspect they will up date in January.

Do it through a tour company? Not sure of the benefit of that, but sure.

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Okay, the tour website at the Opera seems to be not updated. So, if that doesn't change between now and June (it will), just go to the opera house a day early, go inside to the store and buy your tour.

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Thanks James. I am eyeing up some opera Tix now for June 19. Any suggestions on seats? I can go with main floor or balcony? Price isn’t the object but we are not opera officianados and just want a good experience. Not knowing how big the opera theatre is, I cannot tell if everyone seat is pretty good because it’s a small venue or if we are better off spending a couple hundred dollars to fully enjoy the experience. I don’t mind spending the money for a once in a life time event but I certainly don’t like wasting money either

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I'm not an opera buff (when I watch on PBS I often nod off mid-aria) but really enjoyed the Opera House tour, which included some snippets of songs. Not a big investment of either time or money.