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Budapest or Krakow?

we are going to Poland and Hungary in early April and I can't decide whether to do 4 days in Krakow, 3 days in Budapest OR 3 days in Krakow and 4 days in Budapest. Which city has more to do? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Krakow - market square, schindler's factory, Auschwitz, salt mines, jewish quarter

Budapest - thermal baths, buda castle, rent bikes, danube river cruise, old town

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Krakow is smaller, but some things on your Krakow list (Auschwitz, salt mines) take more time. Give yourself a day for Auschwitz and half a day for the salt mines. If four days means three nights, you have only two full days there?

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I've been to both, and while Krakow is in my top 5 favorite cities, Budapest is #1--so 3 in Krakow, 4 in Budapest. You might enjoy bike riding on Margit sziget, the lovely car-free island across from Parliament that is my favorite place to spend a couple of hours at the little zoo, watching the storks tend their nests. The Terror House is a fascinating museum visit, and a tour of Parliament is also very interesting. If you're there over a weekend and like flea markets, the Ecseri piac is wonderful. This website will give you an idea of what events are going on during your stay.

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Andrew, I have already booked a full day - half day in Auschwitz and half day at the salt mines. I will have teenagers with me so I didn't want to spend a full day at Auschwitz. So yes, that is two days besides Auschwitz in Krakow.

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I did both Auschwitz and the salt mines in one day, too, and kind of wish I hadn't. It was a really long day, TONS of walking and standing, and I was exhausted at the end of the day. The salt mine tour involves a lot of walking too. Try to give yourselves a break in between if you can (or are you on some sort of guided tour that includes both?).

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I always get confused about "Days"

Day one Arrive at noon
Day two See something
Day three Depart

or ??? Krakow to Budapest is a long trip ............