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Budapest or Bratislava?

I have 2 days to spend between Vienna and Krakow and was looking at either going to Bratislava or Budapest. I was in Budapest for 4 days exactly a year ago but feel like there are still things I have yet to explore there. In addition, I can hop on a plane from Budapest to Krakow for only $80 USD. I've never been to Bratislava and would like to explore a new city. However, I would have to take an overnight train to Krakow so it is a little bit more inconvenient vs a plane like in Budapest. Any thoughts from people who've been to both cities? I know Bratislava is rather small compared to Budapest so are there enough sights to see in 2 days?

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If you want to see new city, go to Bratislava. There are enough sights to see for 2 days. But of course, it is no Budapest.

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In my opinion there is no comparison between Budapest and Bratislava. I have been to both and the difference is that in Budapest two days is not enough and in Bratislava you will be looking for things to do the second day. Up to you of course.