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Budapest in October

We will be taking a Transatlantic cruise out of Rome in late October and after reading all the wonderful reviews of Budapest are thinking this might be a nice week trip pre-cruise rather than Italy again. My concern is what sort of weather could we expect and how short are the days. Or rather what time does the sun set. We enjoy leisurely travel with a loose itinerary -- more strolling and people watching than racing to see everything so I guess weather and length of days are my only concern. Any thoughts?

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I love September and October in Budapest, but to tell you my experiences in October would be antidotal. Here is my favorite weather site:

Sunset on October 15 is 5:55 with means it will be pretty much dark by 6:45pm, but that's not a bad thing. In places were the sun sets early in the winter, people don't stop living, they adapt. The town is beautifully lit, the theaters and concerts are alive as are the restaurants and ruin pubs. People still walk the avenues and shop till 9pm or later. The town doesn't shut down at sunset, it simply changes character and it can be amazing. If you haven't experienced this, then its worth the trip for that alone. For a first time your hotel location will make a big difference. You want to be where you can walk out your door and stroll down beautifully lit lit streets lined with restaurants, wine bars or ruin pubs or shops or gorgeous architecture or ......

Budapest can pretty much be the definition of leisure. Its why three times a year we do SOMEPLACE ELSE followed by Budapest so we can unwind.

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I was on the RS Prague-Budapest tour last fall in mid October. We had some rain in Budapest and it seemed almost tropically warm (take that from someone who lives in Alabama!). As usual, dress in layers.