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Budapest for Easter

We will be traveling to Budapest the last two weeks of March. I am looking forward to spending Easter in Hungry!! My husbands Dad was born in Eger, which we plan to visit. His grandmother was born in Hungry, which is now Romania. I have read about the go to places in Budapest and some information regarding Eger. Does anyone have information traveling from Hungry to Romania?

Thank you!

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That all depends on your budget and what you want to see and where you want to go.

By train Bucharest is about 13 hours with out changes overnight. Cluj Napoca can be gotten to in about 7 hours with out changes and Timisoara is about 5.5 hours with out changes .

The roads are just as long but interesting. We once drove Bucharest to Budapest (two day trip) and had a great time.

Then there are Tarom flights to Bucharest and Cluj Napoca and I think Wizz flies to Timisoara. All those flights, non stop, will take less than 2 hours and should be about $200 more or less (depending on time of year, etc...)

Then I know a good guide that will come get you. Daniel Gheorghita

Oh, and plan to be in Budapest on March 15 if at all possible.

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Thank you for your info...We are beginning to plan out the days of the trip, I would like to allow at least 4 full days in Budapest, we were in Scotland last year, headed to a music festival in the Hebrides Islands and did not allow sufficient time to see Edinburg as we would have liked. My husband has visited numerous times, but it was my first . I think we will spend the first night in Budapest before heading off to Eger and possibly Romania, then leaving Budapest for the last days. I appreciate the info regarding train travel, but unfortunately, my hubby always rents a car! I am hoping the town my grandmother-in-law was born, Clej-Napoca, is close to a few interesting attractions in Romania. We will spend a night in Budapest with some travel points, but typically choose to stay in an apartment vs. a hotel, so we will be using Airbnb or Homeaway again.

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After our forth visit to Budapest and no good maps (they have some good ones now) I built a map of Budapest that includes tourist sites and the mass transit a visitor needs to know about, no more. Plus a sheet of things to do. Ask for it from me at
wayne iNWI

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"...was born in Hungary, which is now Romania." That large chunk of territory/real estate was Transylvania, given to Romania in the treaty of 1920. Was the grandmother Hungarian or German? Mixture? Was she from a major town or a village?

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The roads in Romania are "interesting" and Cluj N. is about 6 hours away. Please let me know how it works out when you rent a car in Hungary for a trip into Romania.