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We were taking the train from Budapest to Split yes I know it’s a long way has anyone done this
And what do you have to say about the length.,the train and the food you get on the train. good or bad

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I’ve done it but it has been more than 20 years since then, so I don’t think my experience will be too helpful !!!!

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Would you be willing to share your itinerary? Are you just doing Budapest and Split? Honestly, I would never do this trip. That is way too long to be on a train. It looks like 13-15 hours with an overnight train.

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Croatia and Budapest aren't an easy combo.

There are so many places that do match with Budapest that I would save Croatia for a trip to Italy. But if it's your dream, go for it. But bring a good book for the trip.

You might also look for a way to get from Sarajevo to Split. Wizzair flies nonstop from BUD to SJJ.

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Hello from Wisconsin,

We did Budapest to Zagreb and it was a great trip that allowed us to see the countryside and slip along Lake Balaton. Split is good distance further. We eventually took the train on to Split. But only after messing around in Zagreb, Lujbliana, and Slovenia countryside. But I would recommend breaking your train trip with an over night in Zagreb.

dbahn is a great site to find times of trains in and out of just about anywhere in Europe. Be patient with the site, but you can ask for times between places and train changes that are necessary It is possible, though not likely, that Zagreb wouldn't be the best over night location. Seems you will leave from Budapest Keleti station. The searches you make on dbahn will ask for station, not just city. In Zagreb I think the main station, the one you want would be, Zagreb glavni kolodvor. I think that means main station. Glavni is the key. Zagreb has more than one station on the main line. Glavni = main?

Budapest is a great place deserving of days. Split, we spent four days, and it was fine. I think most people would be happy with fewer than four days. But we move around a place slowly. One night we went to a French movie subtitled in Croatian (we don't speak either language)plus an evening performance where the crowd sang along quietly with the performers.

Read up about the history of Split before you go, if you haven't already.

wayne iNWI