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Budapest COVID Entry Regulations?

Can anyone explain what the COVID entry regulations are for Hungry.

I have read the website with the regulations but can’t understand them.

We are US citizens and will be in Dublin in August. I’d like to go to Budapest from Ireland and then go to Prague.

We are double vaccinated and had our boosters in August 2021.

Any help would be appreciated


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The real research will be about Ireland and the Czech Republic.

The rules for Hungary say:

who, by presenting an immunity card issued by a country listed in MFAT
Decree No. 17/2021 (V. 22.) on the unilateral recognition of immunity
certificates, certifies his/her COVID immunity and a person under the
age of 18 years under his/her supervision who enters Hungary along
with him/her;

The one thing I have never been able to answer is MFAT Decree No ...... I "know" that includes EU because I know people from the EU can cross by air with their COVID cards. Ireland is in the EU so I am guessing whatever they give you to let you into Ireland will work. But I am not sure what Ireland gives you???

who certifies that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not detectable in
his/her body at the time of the study with a SARS-CoV-2 PCR test in
Hungarian or English, which is not older than 72 hours, made in a
country according to the 60/2021. (II. 12.) of the Government
paragraph 3(2a) a)-i).

If you are worried then get PCR Test.

Now, if you got to Prague first, and if you can confirm that you will have no issue crossing from the Czech Republic to Austria then I know you can cross from Austria to Hungary with NO COVID paperwork.

You can enter Hungary by road, rail and waterway from Croatia,
Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine without any
epidemiological restrictions, regardless of your nationality and
coronavirus immunity, but you must have other general conditions for
entry (e.g. a valid travel document).

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James- appreciate your assistance. Figured you would have the best idea.

I’ve researched Ireland and there will be no test needed to enter. I also checked Prague and it currently won’t need any test.

We originally wanted to visit Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I think in reading Austria’s rules , we have a problem since we got our booster late August 2021 we will be past 270 days by the time we would enter Austria. In August 2022. So I was going to leave Austria out of the trip.

It is cheaper and easier to fly to Prague than Budapest from Ireland. It seems most flights from Ireland arrive in Budapest around midnight- which it not something I am eager to do.

We may just have to visit Prague and leave Budapest for another year. Unless we take the train from Prague to Budapest - however in reading your prior posts - it seemed more efficient to fly to Budapest from Prague.

Not easy to figure this out and we should make our plane reservations soon.