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Budapest Closes Theatres and Museums

Just found this in a summary article on

"Budapest is closing all of its cinemas, theatres, museums and libraries from today, state news agency MTI has said.

"Mayor Gergely Karacsony announced that performances would be suspended at all cinemas and theatres maintained by the city, and services would be suspended at museums and libraries."

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I stay in touch with my business associates in Budapest. Those closings are real. There is also some talk about extending it to other venues, but it sounds like they are leaking stuff to see how the public responds. The impression is the public doesnt much like the idea.

Right now from what i hear Budapest is pretty upbeat. There have been 19 cases of which the majority can be traced to their source and the impression in town is that the government has been proactive in keeping everything in check. Pretty much life goes on as usual on the sidewalks and in the bars and restaurants. Could change tomorrow.

But if you are a museum hound, go someplace else for a while.

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Acraven--remember that year - 2017, I think--when I thought I knew for sure when the Museum Festival was happening and you and I were both going to be in town and fairly excited about it, then it ended up being a different weekend due to Whitsunday? (Whitsunday was actually a really enjoyable festival on the Castle hill grounds) Well, a few weeks ago I discovered yet again I was off by a week and a bit dismayed about of course it won't be happening and there's a pretty strong chance I won't be going to Budapest :(

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I'm anxious to go back to hit the three museums that were closed in 2018 plus some sights on the Buda side of the river that I didn't have time for. I'm glad to know about the existence of the museum festival; maybe we'll be luckier next time. I also missed the flea market you've mentioned.