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Budapest & Classical Music

Thought this may be of interest. Attended a performance at BMC - Budapest Music Center, classical. Cost about 2800 Forints, under $10. Amazing concert. Also attended a performance at the Ferenc Liszt academy, also excellent.

Can't go wrong with either.

For what it's worth:
Website for BMC,
Website for Fer. Liszt academy,

There are other classical music venues too. I really enjoyed both of these - BMC is more of an "in the know" venue, whereas the academy is more premier.

I also just saw further down in the posts about the outdoor classical or the other venues such as the Budapest castle. Definitely do those - Budapest in summer is supposed to be even better than in Spring (when concerts haven't yet spilled out into the open!). That said, the above venues, for what it's worth, were great.

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millerandrewj is correct, this is the city for the arts. The BMC is also the home of the Opus Jazz Club which is one of my favorite venues in town. As for music in summer, traditionally the classical music venues like the Opera, the Operett and the Palace of Art have been closed in July and August while prepping for the next season. But this year I have seen a few exceptions. The jazz clubs, the tourist venues (church concerts) and a few of the smaller venues run year round.

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Not classical, but a sort of international pop vocalist is Kátya Tompos. She puts on a really outstanding performance and she is playing at the Zoo the evening of July 13.