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Budapest by myself tomorrow for 2.5 days

So, is there a museum pass?

What should i do there and see? Any guidance would be amazing.

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Walk up to the Buda side of the river (the hilly side) for the amazing views down on the Pest (flat) side - you can see the parliament building and various bridges. The view is stunning at night.

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See if you can get a tour of parlament. Go see the shoe sculptures along the Danube . Take the metro to Heros square. Got to the Pest market and walk along the river and across the bridges

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go to any metro stop and buy a 24 hour TravelCard. Also check your PM. I will send you more

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I'm jealous that you're going there. Museums? They have over 150 of them in Budapest.
Start out with the Free Walking Tour where the guides work for tips. (Goggle them.) Then take their Ruin Pub Tour that night. Budapest is the #1 honky tonk city in the entire world. You'll have a great time. After those two tours, you'll know exactly what to do and where to go.

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Thanks a!!
I really do want to check out 1 of the springs. Any recommendations?

Also, any museum passes worth it? Im staying in District V right by the main park. I figure it is walkable to everything.

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Whether a museum pass is worthwhile depends quite simply on how many of the covered sights you will visit--not want to visit, actually will visit. That means you need to have some idea how much time you'll spend at each one, how long it will take to travel between them, how much time you'll want to spend just walking around, etc.

I can only say that the reason one of the longer passes (I think it was 4 days) made sense for me was that I knew I wanted to take the included Buda and Pest walking tours. That covered a a lot of the cost of the pass; I wasn't going to one of the baths. If not for those two tours, the pass would not have paid off financially. At the time of my visit (May this year), three of the city's large museums were closed.