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Budapest and air conditioning?

Going back to Budapest the end June/early July. Is air conditioning a must in the summer?
Personally, I hate AC unless uncomfortably hot. In Italy we only run AC when daytime temps are near 100, and rarely run all night.

We like the apartment and location we stayed at last month, but it doesn’t have AC.

Thanks for advice.

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I'd recommend looking at the actual, day-by-day temperatures for several recent years shown on In 2018 I began my trip in Hungary, landing in Budapest on May 2. I had some 80+ F days in Budapest at the very beginning of that trip. I suspect that was a bit anomalous, but these days you have to expect weird weather.

I've linked to the June 2019 statistics for Budapest. There's no way I'd book an apartment without air conditioning.

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Just anecdotal but when I was there in July 2014 it hit 100 two days and upper 90's three days, then cooled off to upper 80's. It was HOT. But weather gets harder and harder to predict every year. You can look at averages but be prepared for a heat wave. Personally I'd get AC.

EDIT Edited to add: if you can find a comparable place with AC, then take it. It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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Just to add, we were there the last week of Aug. and were grateful for the AC at Paty’s Place. AC is the dealbreaker for us. It was upwards of 90 degrees. We went to Buda one morning and I was very uncomfortable despite that it was the am and I was hydrated. We decided to walk into the lobby of the Hilton to cool off! Hopefully late June, early July will be tolerable.

Hugs to sweet Barley!

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Paty’s Place doesn’t allow dogs, so I’ll be searching for an apartment with AC.