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For those that travelled on the Danube European cruise from Prague ending in Budapest did you have to have a variety of types of money for the different countries? Or do they usually accept the same type of $$? We will go from Budapest to Illmitz Austria after the cruise is complete?

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It's always best to use the currency of the country you're in. You can easily get Hungarian forints from an ATM, or Czech korunas in Prague, euros in Austria.

Whenever I am travelling anywhere that has currency in vastly different denominations--euros and pounds are easy, forints and korunas not so much--I print out a little wallet-sized conversion table from You won't need it so much for things like food or tickets, but if considering a souvenir purchase it's good to know what you're really spending. For example--100,000 forints is $367 US.

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Right now Forints are easy. 250 = 1 dollar so 1 thousand is 4 dollars. Basically multiply by four and drop 3 zeros. 3000 forints x 4 = 12000 drop three zeros and you have $12 Now this is rough. At today's rate its really $11 but that's close enough for my reasoning.

You can spend dollars and euro in Budapest but it will cost you probably about 10% more for in shop exchange rates. I would find a bank ATM and pull out 20,000 forint put it in your pocket and use your credit card as much as possible. Then if you have any cash left over before you leave, there is a dark brown door on a yellow building in District VI that has a mail slot. Let me know when you are ready and i will give you the address....

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Green bollards on the street out front? I'm living in Budapest vicariously through Streetvview. Maybe someday soon...

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Be a little careful with Google Streetview in Budapest. I use it all the time when ever i plan a trip, but sometimes, t it can be a bit dated. When you have a place that is recovering at the rate Budapest is, the photos can be a bit misleading.

Here is a pretty dramatic example: