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We (couple in late 50’s) are looking for an apartment (with a washing machine) in Budapest for 2 nights in July 2023 ( we will be completing a river cruise & then heading to Slovenia)
I have read some suggestions, many options are already booked.
Options available include:
Adina apartments hotel
7 seasons apartments
Mamaison Residence Izabella (really like the style of these apartments, just not sure about the area)
I’d really appreciate your feedback on which area to stay as well as other apartment options.

Many thanks

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Check with Andy at

We've stayed in one of their apartments, and he runs a very good business.

Hopefully rooms will be available. There are many refugees in Budapest and cities on the eastern side of Western Europe that have to be taken care of.

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Hi David
I have sent him a message on messenger but no reply. I’ll try email.
The apartments do look nice.

Thank you

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Scott, you sent them a message at 8:00 pm CST, that would be 02:00 am CET. Give them a few hours to wake up.

Adina apartments hotel: not the greatest location, but the M3 is only about a 5 minute walk but you will need to take that each time you leave your hotel to get to the center of town and that's not terrible, but not the most convenient either, but a very nice part of town (just occurred to me, they are doing work on the M3 and I am not sure what stations are open).

7 seasons apartments; really physically a great location and central to most things, but on Kiraly utca which is a party street for the young European trust fund hoodlums and that's only an issue on holidays and when school is out, otherwise, pretty okay street.

Mamaison Residence Izabella: a block off Andrassy (the Champs-Élysées of Budapest but better than that French street) on the lower end of the upper half of Andrassy home of beautiful architecture, generally quiet and I would say the only drawback is you will need to ride the M1 metro to get closer in.
But the M1 metro, the oldest underground on the continent of Europe, is almost like an amusement park ride so its not a bad thing (of the three, my choice).

I also know a few of the apartments managed by the firm David sent you to; all in good areas and the quality and size pretty much crosses the spectrum (decent company too).

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Sorry Mister E, I didn’t explain myself very well. I had messaged him the day before as I’d read about their apartments on a previous post, but you’re right, I’ll wait a bit longer.
After reading your post I’m no so sure about any of the apartments I looked at.
Let’s hope Andy gets back to me, although staying only 2 nights not 3 may be an issue.

Thanks for your ongoing advice
I’ve enjoyed reading your posts

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Sorry bout that, but the general advice is to get a map and find the Opera House and you will be on Andrassy ut; then the sweet spot (in my mind) for all but a one night stay is between between Ó utca (1 street above Andrassy ut) and Kiraly utca (two streets below Andrassy ut; and between Teréz krt (where the Oktogon is located). and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út (which is where Andrassy ends closest to the River).

There are a lot of really nice AirBnb's in that area and if you see one that looks good you can PM me and I can maybe tell you about the street and the ease of getting around.

I looked at that website that David put up and they do have calendars and I bet they are up to date because they seem to be linked to AirBnb which would be a necessity that they be up to date; most these days have a 3 night minimum but you can usually negotiate a 2 night stay.

I also happen to know that the vast majority of Airbnb type apartments dont book until 30 to 45 days prior unless there is an event or holiday so your odds of finding just what you want are good and there is no need to rush it for July 2023.

Your date should put you in town in the center of the Summer Festival (runs July and August) but get you out before the Formula 1 and the dreaded Sziget Festival but the summer festival isn't such a huge draw that if you book a few months early you will have a problem.

"utca" is a road and "u" is the abbreviation; "út" is more of an avenue and "krt" is the abbreviation for "kourt" which is a boulevard, then there is an "udvar" which is a courtyard and "tér" which is a square and this can be a bit important because along the M1 metro there is a Vorosmarty ter stop and a Vorosmarty utca stop.


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Or stay in a hotel and just use a laundromat. Highly recommend Hotel Gerloczy - fantastic cafe / restaurant underneath. There was a 24/7 laundromat nearby.

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Just a block or so toward the Jewish Quarter from some of the apartments mentioned (including a couple that Andy manages) is AnVa House. They have a few studios and the rates are competitive. I've stayed there in the past (and have a reservation for next month too). One or more of them may have a washer. A friend of mine has recommended a laundry service on Vasvari Pal ut. if all else fails.

I've stayed at one of Andy's apartments a couple of times. If you don't hear from him in another day or two, write again. He's a lovely person and was very prompt in dealing with a couple of small problems when I was there last year.

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Thanks Chani & Greg
Everyone’s suggestions have been very helpful

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Many of the VRBO apartments that I looked at in planning my trip this past summer had a combo washer-dryer in the kitchen or bathroom. My studio did not, but I'm sure I could have hired my host to do laundry for me.

I stayed in the Jewish Quarter and that area was very convenient. Lost of restaurants and close to transit and tourist sites. Only downside was a little extra street noise from the clubs. Just make sure your apartment has A/C so you can close your windows in the evening.

  • James
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We were pleasantly surprised on our river cruise (Uniworld) that the boat had a small laundry on board and passengers could wash and dry clothes for free.

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Thanks James & Aussie Nomad for the tips
Finalising the trip within the next week