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Budapest 3.5 Days

Hello All,

I am going from Prague to Budapest (first time in Europe) and would like to take a night tour on the Danube. I have decided to go with Legenda but would love input as to whether to splurge on the dinner cruise or eat somewhere else for a nice dinner and take the cruise that includes a drink.

Just a bit of information about who is traveling-me, my husband and our 20 year old son. We are celebrating our 25 year wedding anniversary but love getting the most for our money. I would consider us budget travelers, meaning we are in budget hotels on our 3 week trip (ibis, staying in air bnb's and in Budapest staying in Avail Hostel due to the excellent review about the host-had to do it).
You get my drift.

We have planned to see The Magic Flute at the Estates Theater in Prague and will be planning other highlights along other countries we visit. Would love to hear any pros and

Thanks for any input,

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Budapest is very reasonably priced in comparison to other great European cities. Go ahead and search for better accommodations. You can still stay in apartments in central city locations for hostel prices.

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Hi David,

I am really looking for to staying at this hostel, but not sure which cruise to choose. Would love any feedback on whether it's worth doing the dinner cruise with Legenda or just as good with the cruise offering one drink.

Thanks to any help on this. My first trip and love this forum.

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we did the non-dinner cruise with a glass of champagne. Just make sure you book a time late enough to see the parliament lights come on! i have not heard whether the food is good on the cruise. I wonder whether they go farther up the Danube with the dinner cruise? our cruise was 1 hour, so that would probably not be enough time to eat dinner.

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Legenda is a popular cruise choice. WIth most "dinner" cruises, the star of the show is the cruise, not the food, so I would recommend selecting a champagne cruise, or just the regular sightseeing cruise.

Having said that, if you really want to splurge, there is a new dinner cruise option on the scene:
The chef has an amazing resume and rumors are it's a Michelin-star quality experience.

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I am certain your Hostel is very special. But do know that Kazinczy utca is one of the rowdiest streets in Budapest. It is one of the places where 20 to 30 year old party tourists go and drink until 4am. But a great and interesting street until about 8pm.

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Hi Mister E,

Yes, I believe it’s across from one of the famous ruins bars, but I went with it because of the reviews. We are staying in a private room and the reviews mention that although it’s a very busy street, it’s quiet inside. It’s actually a little more expensive to stay here than some of the air bnb’s I found, but I chose it for the great reviews. I have not seen such great reviews with almost nothing negative to say from most. Even though it looks a bit dated, there were far too many positives in my husband and my opinion to not stay here. Hopefully, we are right and won’t come to regret it.

Thanks for all of the input. 💜