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I am headed to Budapest at the end of the month and am going to be taking it day by day for the most part, but do want to take at least one tour at the beginning. I know to ask, what is your favorite would be quite difficult, but I will still ask it. :)

Has anyone taken any of the taste of Hungary tours? I am Jewish and the Taste of Hungary Jewish cuisine and culture walk sounds interesting?? Or any of the others??

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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I don't recommend anything i haven't actually done so my list is pretty limited. Beyond Budapest tour linked here was one that I did take and it was one of the most fortunate experiences of a dozen years of visiting Budapest. All of their tours sound extraordinary; especially the cemetery tour. This is a marvelous place to visit.

The tour at the Dohany utca Synagogue is also very, very good. Although I recently ran into the woman who had guided the tours for seemingly 100 years. She complained that she had been replaced by young non-believers. She was great, but she had some nationalistic views that might have caused her some problems. Budapest is an interesting mix of contradictions. Part of its charm. Besides just the synagogue tour you can book extended District Tours with them:

Budapest is full of hidden or little known Jewish history and culture. This gentleman, while not Jewish, knows where most of the bones are hidden: He is a private guide that I have worked with for 12 years; and hired myself on a number of occasions when I wanted to know more.

And I will send you a PM with one additional idea.

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And.............since this is your interest let me suggest you find accommodations between Andrassy ut and Dohany utca in District 6 or District 7. Its my favorite part of Pest anyway, and with your particular interests it will put you in the right place while being extremely well situated to see all of Budapest.

Here is a list of Jewish restaurants.
My favorite on the list is Macesz Huszár, while the one I don’t like is Yiddishe Mamma Mia. Carmel glatt kosher restaurant is a tiny bit upscale while Hanna’s is as basic as you can get. Rosenstein was featured on Andrew Zimmern’s television show.

Also not to be missed is the Friday night (really, odd, huh) Klezmer Band concert at Spinoza’s Or any concert, if you are lucky and they are playing, by the Budapest Klezmer Band