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Is the Chain Bridge in Budapest closed still to pedestrians? Is there any issues in still seeing both sides of the city?

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There are a couple of nice ways to get to Buda as part of general site seeing.

If you go to the Parliament you take the 2 Tram to where it terminates and then get on the 4/6 Tram. You can get off at the mid point of the Margrit bridge and see Margrit Island, or just look at the view at the midpoint of the bridge. Then across to the Buda side the first stop you get on the 19/41 to just past the Chain Bridge and take the Funicular up to the Castle district.

OR, go to the great market hall. After a visit get on the 49/49 tram across the river. You will be at the famous Gellert Hotel where Oskar Schindler once stayed and there is a great bath house. Out front get on the 19/41 Tram and head up river. Get off at the Castle Garden Bazaar for food, drinks, and interesting museum and some pretty spectacular architecture and excellent views across the river. Then back on to the stop just before the Chain Bridge for the Funicular up to the Castle District.

Getting around in Budapest is a welcome adventure and the points in-between are worth the time.