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Bratislava to Budapest

Less than three weeks until we head to the global warming sno-globe that is Budapest. Just kidding. Anyway, has anyone taken bus from Bratislava to Budapest? I checked with Orangeways and it seems there are only two buses on the Thursday we are traveling, one departs 330am, the other 815pm. We were planning on taking train but we're considering bus since trip is about same duration and bus is cheaper. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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I still do not see the levity. Please advise. Unless, of course, unsubtle sarcasm is considered levity!

For that I am not going to answer your question....... actually I have never been to Bratislava so I couldn't help you anyway. Happy trails. Good news is the average temperature range in May is 52F to 70F and you will be there mid May so that ought to be a realistic expectation.

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I know from my own experience that it is very hard to find all bus connections on website. There are simply too many companies. Good hotel in Bratislava can find that information for you once you get there. If there is no bus at the time which suits you, simply go by train.