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Bratislava or Sopron

To take a one day side trip from Vienna or Budapest, do you recommend Sopron or Bratislava?

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Sopron or Bratislava? Either. Look at them and see what speaks to you. But both work best from Vienna (shorter).

Other ideas from Budapest
- Day trip: Szetendre (good because there is no perceived back tracking (45 min train up, wonderful boat ride back)
- Overnight: Eger, Pecs (3 hour train rides up and back making the overnight much easier and more enjoyable)
- In route from Vienna to Budapest: Gyor and the Archabbey at
Pannonhalma. (since its on the route between the two cities, no lost travel time)

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I haven't been to Bratislava yet, so I cannot make a direct comparison between those two places.

I spent one night in Sopron back in 2018 and found it very attractive; I wouldn't discourage a visit there. However, Gyor also has a very nice historic center (which seemed larger than Sopron's), plus it has a bunch of small museums, some of which you might find interesting, as I did. Then there's the opportunity to take a side trip to Pannonhalma, as mentioned by Mr. E. So my recommendation would be to consider Gyor instead of Sopron. Bonus: It's closer to Budapest, 1 hr. 22 min. away by train, and right on the Budapest-to-Vienna rail line if you want to consider spending a night there along the way--or perhaps an in-transit stop, though I haven't looked into the availabity of luggage storage.

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Hello from Wisconsin,

I have not been to the dental capital of the world, Sopron. Brataslava? Well when the Soviets built the 'new' bridge they landed it on what was an interesting historic and Jewish neighborhood. There is nothing subtle about the four lane highway through what was the old town beneath the castle. And the castle...I think they resurrected it in 1953. The castle location is old, old, old. The building is my age. So two strikes against Bratislava even though I have never been to Sopron.

I give as many votes as you will allow me to make for Eger, Hungary. Hotel Senator. Worth every penny. Visit the wine caves.

wayne iNWI