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Bed sizes in Budapest

Can anyone please tell me the equivalent bed size to a king for what is commonly listed on hotel and Airbnb sites in Budapest ? This is our first time in Europe.

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Lots of places have two twin beds pushed together, with individual duvets for each person. So that's the equivalent space of a king. (And nobody steals the covers.)

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The king bed in the US is 76 x 80" = 193 x 203 cm

If the bed size is not given on the site you are looking at the best way to get reliable info would be to ask the landlord what the bed size is

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Ive had to buy covers in europe and it can be a bit confusing

Start with US Sizes
99x191cm – generally called a US Twin
152x203cm – generally called a US Queen
193x203cm – generally called a US King
183x213cm – generally called a California King

Then compare to european
Single/Twin 90 x 200 cm
EU - Single Extra Long 90 x 210 cm
EU - Small Double 120 x 200 cm
EU - Double 140 x 200 cm
EU - King 160 x 200 cm
EU - Grand King 180 x 200 cm
UK - King 152 x 198 cm 60 x 78"
UK - Queen or Super King 183 x 198 cm 72 x 78"

Good luck finding the Grand King. For that you get the crevice bed (two pushed together with an American laying on the floor between them.... Of course you will have to translate this all into what ever language you are dealing with. But their KING will be about our QUEEN. Guess we are just larger.