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ATM Budapest Airport

Upon arrival at Budapest Airport I would like to get Hungarian, Croatian and Euro Currency for my travels. Is this possible from the airport ATM?

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Hungarian ATM's give Hungarian Currency. Most of us have to change planes someplace in the EU to get to Budapest. You can look for an ATM at that point for the Euros. There is a currency exchange in the airport but the rates are not good and I wouldn't bet that they would have Croatian kuna

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I would suggest you wait until you get into each country to use your ATM card. Remember that anytime you use a person to exchange money, they're going to knock your head off on fees and the exchange rate. Machines are your friend.

And when you use a ATM machine, make sure it's a bank ATM. You'll get a much better exchange rate over using just any ATM you run into. Not all ATM's are bank machines.

I try to use my Capital One Visa card for meals, rooms and train fares--anything I can use it for. Capital One gives you full value on the exchange rate, and it minimizes the amount of cash withdrawn from ATM's.

I use a Wells Fargo ATM card at home, but they charge $5 and 3% service charges overseas--ridiculously high. In Europe, I use a credit union ATM card with no extra charges.

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Thanks so much. I plan on using my Schwab Bank debit card for cash. No exchange fee and ATM fees are reimbursed. I will use Capital One for purchases as they have no exchange fees