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Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go back to Budapest.

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Makes me want to go back too ... I left yesterday ☹️

A related activity is bullet hole spotting. As you wander down the street, look around the windows above the ground floor. Then wonder, 1944, 1945, 1956? Easiest to find on the brick buildings as the brick can't be repaired, but some still left in the old plaster buildings.

I was in the basement of an old building and observed that there was a large room a steel door, a vestibule and another steel door. I asked and was told every building had a bomb shelter? WWII? No, Cold War. For when the Americans attacked. The Hungarian school children did duck and cover drills too. Gave me a very strange feeling to hear. Anyone interested, I can tell you how to see it.

I return in 32 days 🥳🥳