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Arriving in Budapest on Easter Sunday?

We're in the process of booking our two week trip to Hungary, and we noticed that the flights and accommodations in Budapest are significantly less expensive if we fly in on Easter Sunday -- this, versus a week later. We're not religious people, so missing the holiday isn't a concern for us. We typically fly to Europe over a Saturday night, arriving on Sunday, arriving around check-in time. I certainly wouldn't expect a lot (if anything) to be open that Sunday, which is fine. We prefer to just get our bearings and and adjust to the new schedule on the first day anyway. But I'm wondering about the next couple of days. Is it reasonable to expect that things will be back to a relatively normal schedule that Monday and Tuesday? We'd likely be in Budapest those first couple of days before heading off to Eger. Any opinions on this matter? Thanks in advance!

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You'll be able to experience the last of the Easter market at Vorosmarty ter--I was in Budapest at the end of April last year and quite enjoyed it, lots of great (and cheap) food and drink as well as quality craft items and entertainment. Depends on what you plan to do on Monday--some museums are closed, so it's worth making a list and checking the websites--Tuesday should have everything open as usual.