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arrived in budapest...

Not sure how this is going to go. Munich wasn't my cup of tea for some reason. 4 days and missed dauchau by 5 minutes. Trapped on tram due to protests for 5 hours. Popped in st. Michael's (?), had communion, did hop on/off tour, then bike tour. Norwich else we remember. Didndrink a few. I remember that.

Rothenberg was magical. Lost camera. Barely made bamberg due to rail strike and was literally givin tickets to one platform , changed at last-minute and had to run to different platform.

Bamberg was heaven for 3 days. Regensburg was the same. Actually looking for property to buy there.
Prague was ok. Short walking tour. Hop on/off to 1 1/2 hour castle tour. Hop on/off again before short jewish tour and short boat tour. Did medieval dinner and show which was very nice.

next day kutna hora. No mine exhibit. Woulda been betterntongonalone.Night time3 1/2 dinner cruise. Beautiful, but the dinnernwasnandisaster.

roamed a bit, tram map lied and went wrong way. Had great meal and beers to calm me down and went to jewish cemetery in tje rain. Excellent pic, if I say so myself.

Vienna was truly a disaster. Must return though. 3 days. Hop on/off again and military museum. That was it!

Now in the middle of first day. Off at stop for lunch at citadel. Hoping I can hit opera for real tickets horror museum-if opened. Museumsnclosed on monday. Maybe explore half ofncastlenarea. Wife discovered her phone deleted all 1,500 pics! Hoping for recovery at home.

i need to end on a high. This trip has been very hard on my body. Still hanging in there though!
HUZZAH! !!!!

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Arrrrrghhhhh! You had to ask. Lol. Champions had no more reservations. Called around and most weren't paying to show it. Just as well. Meriwether sneaked by again. Currently sitting along the danube, because the hop on bus was late. Now I haveto ddecide of waiting over an hour is worth it because we have a freennightncruise as well. Wife is currently seekingntransit passes.
Do t know why. But the citadel was closed. Just walked around it. Not sure of my next move, but I think it will involvement