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Arranging for a day trip from Budapest to Vizjoly

We can have an extra day in Budapest on a Viking cruise and would like to take a day-trip to Vizjoly. My husband's grandparents came from there. Years ago, he and his mother did the same trip and hired a taxi driver to take them from Budapest to Vizjoly ($80!). But his mother speaks Hungarian and we don't, despite trying to learn for years. We are leery of doing that again without a translator and we would have no way of knowing if it is even safe. Is there a way to find a personal guide who would take us there and back and translate for us? We are taking a Viking cruise starting in Budapest, but they have been no help. How much should we expect to pay for such a day trip?

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I can't find a Vizjoly, Hungary. Do you mean Vizsoly? For other responders: Vizsoly is northeast of Eger.

There's train service nearly all the way to Vizsoly, to the town of Novajidrany. There will be a change of trains at Miskolc-Tiszai. Trains depart from Budapest-Keleti every hour or every two hours at 25 minutes after the hour. The total train time will be 3 hr. 11 min. each way. You will then have approximately a 6-mile distance to cover by taxi. I have no idea how available taxis are in Novajidrany (population about 1400); I have never been to that part of Hungary.

Several folks on the forum have mentioned using the ToursByLocals website to arrange private tours in Europe.

As for safety, that is just something I never worry about in Europe. If you'd like to read about the Hungarian trains (or those in other European countries), check out the website

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First, to question safety is always a good idea when entering something unfamiliar. Second, Hungary is as safe as an american upper middle class neighborhood. Third, I have two names for you. The first is just a driver and a prince of a guy. He has been my choice for similar outings on a few occasions. Yes, he will translate. The second is a trusted Guide who has s nice car and would be happy to do the trip with you.

How much? My guess is 180 to 250 euro but it would be money well spent.