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Anyone familiar with Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun?

I am going back to Budapest in October for my second visit. This time I would like to see where my great-grandparents lived if possible, at least the town. I found them in some records at the national archive with what appears to be an address or partial address anyway. I have found online that Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun is a county, and the word that may be either a city or street name is "Orszaguti", but I cannot find anything online in English with this word and google translate does not have a translation for it. Does anyone know what this word would represent, or happen to be familiar with the county? I was actually considering a day trip to Szentendre before even realizing that it is in this particular county, but it may not be anywhere close to the area I want to go. Does anyone know whether this county would be likely to have any genealogy/historical records? Thanks for any info at all.

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Orszagut = highway. Orszaguti = roadside. Oddly enough if you put it in Google maps you do get a location in Buda.