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Any experience with Lufthansa, cat traveling in hold?

Hello Travelers!

Actually we are moving permanently from Los Angeles to Budapest. We are retiring. We need to bring our 10 year old spolied, slightly overweight, 16 pound tabby cat with us. After a year of agonizing over this we decided Lufthansa has great reputation flying pets. It is very unfortunate that due to Simbas size he can not fly in cabin, he is almost as big as a maine coon cat. It is a big headache but leaving him behind is not an option, nobody would want a 10 year old cat he would end up in a shelter, where he would be put down in a day. No! He is flying with us! Question: anybody had an experience with Lufthansa excess baggage cargo hold, please let me know. I am getting all his docs ready, i bought a nice big crate and a special foam pad ($50) to make him feel comfortable and dry. We transfer is Frankfurt, where the specially built animal lounge center is involved. This is the best I could come up with after a year. Please advise and reassure me.

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Can you post as to why you are retiring in Hungary? My wife and I are considering time in Europe after my retirement, and Hungary is one place we are considering. I am not a citizen, and would need to learn Hungarian - a daunting prospect.