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And I should mention the Lion's Locker at Vasvari Pal utca 11.

If you enjoy the people in your travels, this is a great stop for breakfast. The food is excellent, but the husband, wife and two children who own/run the place are simply amazing. They will greet you and take care of you like you are family. Very good introduction to Hungary. Oh and the back room is a luggage storage facility for those overnight trips out of town or if your train arrives before check in time.

Wave to the yellow building across the street and maybe this week I will wave back.

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Thank you for posting. Our apartment will be near Lions Locker. We'll head there for breakfast on our first morning :-)

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2 new places for me. I look forward to visiting. Looking at the Kiskakukk English menu I remember why Hungarian restaurants don't quite make it in the States - just a tad heavy!
I hear it's been hot in Budapest. Early summer.

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Thanks James. Both added to Google maps for September.