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Budapest Airport - Fo Taxi Question

We are party of 6 adults traveling together next spring. We plan to taxi from the the Budapest aiport to our airbnb. I've read the posts regarding Fo Taxi right outside arrivals and plan to use. I'm hoping larger sized taxi's are readily available. Or, do I need to make special arrangements? We'll need taxi to the train station when we leave as well. I didn't see an app to downloard for Fo Taxi -- did I miss it? Thanks.

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You won’t find a standard taxi that can fit 6 people with luggage, even the minivans. We are a family of 4 and always had to use minivan taxis with our group plus luggage (in France and Spain). Sometimes it was a real challenge to fit our bags in the back. Keep in mind that you will probably have at least 6 carryon bags, plus 6 backpacks/day bags. Minivans in Europe seem to be smaller than those in the US. We own a Toyota Sienna and noticed a difference in the cargo area.

On the advice of our hotel in Paris, we reserved a can taxi in advance prior to our trip to the airport. This was a 9 seater van with plenty of space. I would contact your Airbnb host and ask them for a recommendation.

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FoTaxi does a fine job from the airport. Actually better organized and better priced than most capital cities. But no, a van really isn't an option.

Several Options.

1) Take 2 taxis. That's not a big deal. The fare will be under $30 each. (what I would do).

2) Hire a driver with a van .... and as luck would have it I know one (but the two taxi will be cheaper) I have know Laszlo for maybe 10 years. Great guy. If he is busy he has associates that will get you.

3) There is a third option, the bus, but you got to know how to get to your accommodations from where the bus stop is in town. .

4) And a Fourth Option: There is a shuttle bus service that uses vans, but it will slow you down a lot and you got to hope the first available van has 6 empty seats. But cheaper than a taxi.

Once you are in town, I prefer City Taxi. No particular reason over FoTaxi except they have treated me good for nearly 20 years so I repay the favor but using them. Only FoTaxi can pickup at the airport, but any company can drop off. City Taxi does have an app and its a lifesaver when you can not pronounce the street names or destinations:

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Thank you travel4fun and Mister E...appreciate your suggestions. I'll look into silverwings, but also like the idea of 2 taxis. Thanks!

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It's what I would do (two taxi's), and once you see the setup at the airport I think you will like the idea too.

And since someone likes my stories ....

These are all with CityTaxi

Crossing the Elizabeth bridge to Pest when we get rear ended. Taxi pulls over, calls a new car, asks me to pay the fare to that point, then begins the culturally required yelling and jumping up and down with the driver that hit us. New car comes in maybe 3 minutes (shame, I was enjoying the show) and takes me home. I look at the meter and pay the fare. The driver hands me back 900 ft with the explanation that I paid the start fee on the first taxi, the accident wasn't my fault, and I shouldn't have to pay it twice.

Left my laptop and about $4,000 cash in the taxi when it dropped me at the airport. Took me maybe 30 min to realize it. Called City Taxi and they sent the cab back. Laptop and cash intact. The guy was just waiting for the call. Tipped him REALLY well.

Lost on foot in Buda. No problem, call City Taxi.
Dispatcher: "where are you"
Me: oh crap I cant pronounce the street name to save my life. Walk a block, new street, same problem. I will find someone that speaks Hungarian and call back.
Dispatcher: Stay with me, we will figure it out, describe and shops you can see.
Five minutes later he knew where I was and sent a cab. He didn't have to go through that much trouble.

3am call to city taxi to get a cab to the airport Dispatcher says they are busy and it may take an hour to get a taxi to me (ALWAYS BOOK THE NIGHT BEFORE). That wont work, I have a flight. He says wait and he will call me back. About 5 minutes later he calls and says there is a taxi outside my door. He had called a competitor company that had capacity and sent one of their taxis.

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I will second James's recommendation of Silverwings. We were a group of 5 a few years ago and they took great care of us.
We just got back from Budapest and we used them to arrange our early morning arrival to BUD. As James said, it is a bit more expensive than a taxi, but I didn't mind the additional cost.

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Then here is an excellent arrival suggestion between March and October:

Have Silverwings (or someone else) pick you up at the airport. The time between the airport and the center of the city is not much shorter than the time from the airport to Szentendre. So have the driver drop you off in Szentendre. Luggage? Have the driver drop your bags at The Lion's Locker.

Spend the afternoon in Szenendre and then board the boat into Budapest. There is no more amazing sight then rounding Margrit Island and seeing the Parliament Building rising before you. Spectacular.

From the Pest side boat dock The Lion's Locker is a 5 minute walk through a beautiful part of Budapest's V District to the M1 metro stop, then a 10 minute ride up Andrassy ut to the Opera House (again, some of the best parts of Budapest), and another 3 minute walk to get your bags.

Or just take a taxi.

ONE NOTE on using a driver service at the airport. They can not park at the arrivals lane. They must go to the parking lot and park. Then they will come inside to wait for you. Then take you to the curb while they run and get the car/van. So its not as convenient as just hopping into a taxi.

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Mr. E. Thank YOU arrival idea! We will definitely consider. And can keep the stories coming. Ha! What great experiences. I will use City Taxi! Thank you Christy, too!

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I know this is a month old. But when we got off the airplane in Budapest, there was a desk out in the terminal offering transportation to the center city hotels. We followed a yellow line through the airport until we got to their main desk. They called our reservation number in 10 minutes and took us directly to our apartment.

Best thing is that they made an early morning reservation to pick us up a few days later--and they were right on time. Their vans held far more than 6 people. Very good service level too.

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Thanks David. wasn't a taxi, but transportation service--did it have a name? Thanks again!

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No. David meant the shuttle bus service. It's cheap and reliable. The only issue is if the van is full and each is going to a different hotel. Last off could be in for a long ride.

Also. All the lines on the floor are now gone :(