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We are traveling to Eastern Europe this fall. Last week of September to second week of October. I know no one knows when airfares will go up and down but right now I found flights for going into Budapest and out of Prague for the cheapest $2344.00, the most being$2584.00, depending on seat selection. This is the total for 2 people. Is this a good rate? Approximately $1150-$1250 per person. In your opinion should I book or wait to see if they go down at all? Thank you for your opinions.

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I travel from SFO to Budapest--in or out of there--and usually book about 6 months out and would say that price is about what I am comfortable paying, I fly United/Lufthansa and there's always one stop with Budapest, sometimes my other flight is direct, i.e. Munich, Paris etc.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Don't buy yet. Are you looking at non-stop flights from the US? Or are you going through Zurich, London, or Frankfurt? One stop flights are much less expensive. Have you tried, Momondo as a search engine for flights? American Airlines, directly from the airline is currently $833 per person Chicago to Prague, Budapest to Chicago. Tat is their Basic Economy which includes a carry on and a personal item. $603 from Orbitz. Where is your start point?

I would be looking for economy with a checked bag for about $700 per person. In the bad old days an open jaw booking was more expensive than a simple return flight. Not any more. I haven't found open jaw less expensive, but appropriate considering the cost of two half return flights.

Others will know better. I am thinking three months in advance might be best time for prices. The last week in September sounds great for travel in Eastern Europe. We were in Eastern Europe in the '90s during autumnal leaf change. Lovely.

Romania...if you go there is beautiful, especially the region of Transylvania. Bucharest...skip it. And Moravia of the Czech republic is also has really nice rural drives and small villages.

wayne iNWI

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I am leaving from Phoenix, not a great gateway, so thinking this is not bad.

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We live in Boise - same situation as Phoenix. I think these fares are good to Budapest. I've seen them in the $1400 range from here, which is why we flew into Vienna last year and took the train to Budapest (another option you could look at). I say book it!

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That's about what we paid RT from Pittsburgh on BA, premium economy (World Traveller Plus I think BA called it) into Vienna and out of Budapest for our trip same time in 2019, with layovers at Heathrow both ways.

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There are things going on in this world that are affecting supply and demand of airplane seats.
You should hang back and see what develops in the coming months. Looks like travelers will be diminishing to so many places in the near future.