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Advice on transport to wine tasting Pecs to Villany

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to plan a leisurely day of wine tasting in Villany. We will be staying in an apartment in Pecs (20 km away) and will have a car. However, I have read that there is ZERO tolerance for drinking/driving in Hungary and often they won't let you taste until you id your designated driver. Smart folks! So I am looking at options.
1) take the train...this involves some walking (15 min to train station) and then between all the wineries. Possible, but not my favorite.
2) hire a think this would be easier. Most "tours" want to give you a tour (which we are already doing the prior day). Asked our RS recommended guide about driving us, but she proposed using our rental car (not sure how that would work with insurance).
3) Uber...outlawed in Hungary
4) taxi...this may work. However I am concerned that this far out of the big city, taxi drivers may not speak English and that explaining "Can you return at 4pm to pick us up" might be difficult. Plus we are staying in an apartment without a concierge to help obtain a taxi and explain our requests.

I have always benefited from the wisdom of the travelers on this forum, so what do you think? What would you do?

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I would take the train down, spend a day in Pecs then the next day have a driver pick you up and and give you the tour; returning you late back to Budapest. Naturally I have the guy:

Or do it in one day with him taking you there and back, but its a long day.....

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Hi James (Budapest-advisor-extraordinaire)

We are spending a week in Budapest and ANOTHER week touring the countryside in our own rental car. The problem is that all the tours of Villany wine region originate in Budapest!! We will already be in Pecs, with the plan to go then to Eger/Tokaji, Szentendre, and other sites over 7 days. We can take a train from Pecs-->Villany but lots of walking (which isn't the end of the world, but I fractured an ankle a few months back and have only now started walking 1-2 miles with pain/swelling) if there was a driver who could take us Pecs-->Villany, wait as we wine tasted for a few hours and returned us, that would be spectacular. Would your guy drive from Budapest to do that for us?

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Cancel your booking in Pecs and spend the night in Villany and you can drive yourself. IMHO this is by far the best and easiest solution.