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A tour that includes Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Hallstatt and Salzberg

Does anyone know if there is a tour operator that goes to the above cities in one trip. I see that Rick Steves has two separate tours that you would have to take back to back. But I can't seem to figure out how to see these 5 cities.
Thank for any suggestions.

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The problem with these cities is the logistics. Budapest, Vienna and Prague are convenient in the same tour but getting to Hallstatt and Salzburg is not unless you do it on your own. However, it would be a lot simpler if you added Berlin and Munich making it easier to connect the dots.

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In addition to having done a lot of Rick Steves tours, I've also done a number of Road Scholar tours. I had time today to work with their search engine to see if I could come up with any that had your combination and none did. There are several that combine Budapest, Vienna and Prague some with the addition of other cities. There are several others that include Salzburg but not in combo. I don't see any of theirs that do Hallstatt. There is really not much in Hallstatt - it IS cute but not for much longer than 1/2 a day.

Here's the main website to see if any of those would work as back to back with any of Rick's tours.

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Yes, Rick Steves Tours have sliced up the options a few different ways:

As you know, you could start with the Munich-Salzburg-(Hallstatt, Melk)-Vienna in 8 days tour, then take one direct, 4-hour train ride on your own in order to start the Prague & Budapest in 8 days tour. Booking two tours back-to-back is not unusual, especially if you have the time available.

Myself, I'd probably find it more exciting to think about the tour covering Berlin-(Dresden)-Prague-(Český Krumlov, Melk)-Vienna in 12 days. It offers plenty of variety of famous cities and charming small towns. If you're interested to continue to Budapest on your own, it's a direct train ride of 2.5 hours.

Or the longer Best of Eastern Europe in 15 days includes no Germany nor Austria, but from Lake Bled to Vienna takes 5.5 hours by train, generally with a connection at Villach.

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What is the tour described that includes Berlin, etc? I have not seen this tour listed anywhere else. Is it new for 2021?

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I feel like you could do this by yourself via train with some bus added in when needed, though it will take some planning. I really love Munich and with it being so close to Salzburg would recommend you add it in. If it was me I would start in Budapest and work my way back towards Munich (Salzburg), but you could also start in Prague, down to Munich and then Salzburg, Hallstatt, Vienna, and end in Budapest. I think your most complicated stretch via public transportation would be Hallstatt, but it is definitely do-able, and Hallstatt was one of my fav stops from the GAS tour. You definitely want to do the museum and salt mine tour while there. Of course, you could combine 2 tours, which I know people do, and is perfectly fine. If I had the time I definitely would. Saves on flights.