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72 hours travel card v. 7 day travel card Budapest

We are going to need a access to Budapest's transport for about 4 days. The difference in price between the 72 hours (4150ft) and the 7 days card (4950ft) is trivial - so its worth it to buy the 7 days one for 4 days in Budapest. You need to provide details of your ID for the 7 day card though.

From the rules I think I can use my New Zealand driver's licence as ID - it has a picture. My question is - how do I buy a card and link it to a foreign ID - can I do this with the automated vending machines or do I need to find a staffed office?

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In 2018, I bought the 7 day transit pass at an automated machine at Budapest-Keleti train station. I don't recall the process to link my ID ... but whatever the mechanism, I did it at the kiosk... I did not have to go to a staffed window. I suppose it's possible that an ID was not required in 2018.

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The website says "Advance purchase of the 24-hour, 72-hour, 7-day travelcard, 15-day Budapest-passes and Monthly Budapest-passes in the mobile app is possible up to 30 days before the start day of validity."

So, if it is necessary to provide ID at the time of purchase, it must be possible to do so through the mobile app; and it seems likely that it would also be possible at the automated ticket machines.

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Easy peasy, Lissie! I was there last week for 4.5 days and opted for the 7 day card. I bought it at an automated kiosk when I arrived at Keleti station. The machine asked me to enter my name, first and last, then asked if I wanted to start it “today” or I could specify a start date. I was off and running within minutes.
I used transit extensively over my stay. Only twice did I encounter spot checks on people entering transit, both times at entrances to the metro (never on a tram or bus) for a valid ticket. Both times, they looked at the date on the ticket but never crossed checked it with any form of ID. Passport or drivers license I’m sure would suffice should I have been asked. Technically, it’s non transferable to another person but my name wasn’t printed on the ticket nor checked against my ID. No need to validate it as the start date is printed on the ticket. Drive fast, take chances! 😉

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A1) Never used the mobile app myself, but in person and from vending machines they only ask for ID for passes with a duration greater than 72 hours.

A2) If you are flying in there is an office in the arrivals hall on your left ... look for the purple banner.

A3) At Keleti Station there is one at the bottom of the stairs in the center of the station towards the front wall.

A4) Yes, you can use your drivers license as the ID for your travel card but also know the law requires you to carry your passport at all times (I don't, but thought I should say that).

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Thanks all - we are flying in so will look for the spot at the airport.

We do always carry passports with us- but they are under our clothes - if I have to show an ID regularly I'd rather use my drivers licence which I can carry in more accessible location.

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B1) When you leave the baggage area and go out the doors to the arrival hall, look to your left and you will see the office with the purple banner over it; after you get your TravelCard, walk out the doors to the sidewalk and on the left you will see the kiosk for the taxi service.

B2) I am stupid comfortable in Budapest so I dont carry my passport, but it is the law that you do, and I agree a drivers license makes more sense for the ID.

B3) If you are there four days I bet you dont get checked more than twice as the system is more honor system than not.

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I was in Budapest for a week last October. I was never asked for my ID, though I was asked to show the pass several times, especially at a couple of metro entrances.

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I was in Budapest last week.
1) download app
2) start to buy card - it will ask for ID info (passport or DL) - add the info by text (no pic or proof needed)
3) buy the card - done
when you open the card, down below it was show the info you added in the details below.

Airport: you will also need the app to get from airport to downtown. the travel card doesn't cover bus 100E which is the direct bus from airport. 900 Ft one way. this one is strictly enforced - they make you buy it before boarding the bus. you can buy it few minutes (or days) before and until its "validated" by scanning a barcode, its not active and can be returned.

I was asked for the card on buses (where it needs to be validated by scanning a barcode). trams etc dont need this. got checked once on a tram. no one asked for ID.

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We were in the same boat when we were there a couple of weeks ago. Bought a 72 hour pass from a box at a bus stop, and then a 24 hour pass when that was up. A great value!