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4 Days in Budapest (from a PM)

I get PM's from time to time and I don't mind helping at all, but I think it better to do posts when possible. So this is in response to a PM

Thanks for all of your help and advice. We ended up booking a small/medium sized hotel in an area in the inner part of Budapest for a price, location, breakfast, wifi, and air condition that the 4 of us can live with. It is the The Three Corners Hotel Art, a little Belgium chain. We will be arriving by train from Vienna and have loosely organized our few days in Budapest like this:
Day 1 Afternoon of arrival day, walking tour of some Pest sites and dinner

Maybe walk up Vaci utca and then walk up to Deak Ferenc ter and take the 47/49 Tram back to your hotel Stopping at the Dohany utca Synagogue ("GREAT Synagogue") along the way (get off at the first stop and walk back a block).

Day 2 Great Market, Buda side sites, river promenade and evening Danube cruise

The Market is just a few minutes walk from your hotel or you can take the 47/49 Tram from Kalvin ter one stop to the Market. Then walk towards the river and look for stair going down. Go down the stairs and you will find the No.2 Tram Stop. Get on going left to right. This will take you to the Danube Promenade. Get off where ever you want and walk a bit of it. The Ambassador Café has excellent stuffed cabbage and great views (look for the orange awnings). Get back on the No. 2 and it will take you to the Parliament Building. Walk past the Parliament Building up Falk Miska utca which is the big antique street in town. Look for PINTAR which has the most interesting maze of connecting basements full of antiques. Continue down Falk Miska until you reach a major boulevard with a tram. Turn left towards the river and you will see the terminus of the No. 2 line one block down. The No. 2 will take you home.

Day 3 Churches, Andrassay, Opera area, Museum of Terror

Back on the 47/49 Tram to the Astoria stop (1 stop). Get off and continue walking to the second street on the right. Turn right on Dobb utca and then left on Rumbach utca and see the Rumbach Synagogue. From the synagogue continue on to the pedestrian route on your right. This will take you into the Gozsdu Courtyard which is interesting. Turn left as you walk through the courtyard area and you will come out on Kiraly utca. Turn right the first street on your left and that street will take you to Andrassy ut. (get a map for all of this, but it really isn't hard when you see it on a map). I would walk to the Opera and the House of Terror and then get on the metro nearly in front of the House of Terror, get off at the next stop and then get back on for one stop, then get off at Hero's Square. It shortens a very long --- but fascinating --- road that way.

Now you want to get back on the M1 Metro and ride it back to the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky stop. When you come up you will see the Basilica on your right. See the Basilica and then walk straight towards the river. At the end and on the right you will see the No. 2 Tram which will take you back towards your Hotel.

Day 4 check out and leave by early afternoon, catch up to something we didn't get accomplished on days 1-3 or ?

Go to Castle Hill in Buda. Take the No.2 to the Chain Bridge, cross on foot and take the Funicular up. 3 hours in Buda is generally enough to cover it if you don't do the museums. Then off you go....................

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Thanks James. I've printed your detailed suggestions out!

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The first day is a little lite because I didn't know what time you arrived. Vaci utca and the side streets are the hardcore tourist zones. But still interesting. Its a pretty decent walk and with all the shops it takes hours. Look for a shop with a music theme they have some interesting gifts.

When you get over to the Basilica, to the right of the front steps are some of the better gift shops in town. Look up the side street and next to the coffee shop.

Have a great trip and let me know if I can do anything else.

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What a great post! We will be in Budapest for an evening, full day, and morning before taking a Viking River Cruise which starts with 1.5 days in that city. We are on the lookout for things to do that won't replicate what the boat tour will show us, and or things we won't mind seeing twice.

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Your first night in town, make reservations for 7:30pm at Macesz Huszar one of my favorite truly Hungarian restaurants a very interesting and truly uniquely Hungarian neighborhood: With the train arriving at 5pm you should be ready to head out by 7pm? Call City Taxi and request a taxi to get you there as it’s been a long day for you: It’s less than 10 minutes and maybe $6 to get there. Be sure and take two glasses from the hotel with you. After dinner (and you loved it) you will take a short walk to a place called Kadarka’s for a glass of Hungarian wine and the opportunity to mingle with some really wonderful Hungarians. Buy a bottle of whatever you like and have them pull the cork (unless you carry a cork screw with you). Then walk on to the opera house. Yes, it’s late but Budapest is safe and lovely at night, especially Andrassy ut where the Opera is located. The entire walk from dinner to the opera without the drinking time is less than 10 minutes

Now from the front of the Opera House if the weather is good at all you want to call the taxi company again. This time you want to tell them you want to go to the Citadella for the view. Go to the City Taxi website if you want to see the view. Of course you printed their website so you can show the picture to the driver….just to be sure. When you arrive sit on the wall, pop the cork, pull out those stolen glasses and soak in one of the most beautiful views in the world. The taxi up and back to the hotel and maybe 20 minutes wait time might run you the best $30 you ever spent.

You just got your money’s worth out of your first night in town. And now you are really disturbed that you didn’t come a day earlier.

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We just returned from our trip. Thanks for the itinerary suggestions, the food suggestions especially Vak Varju, and the hotel ideas (we stayed at Trendy Apts right around the corner from Vak Varju - great location and price plus large space. We also tried the Jewish Bistro you suggested, it was nice, but we liked the menu selection better at Vak plus they had live music. Had a great time. definitely a revisit place (two and half days not enough).

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Vak Varju is around the corner from where we stay; we go a lot. And yes the music is very Budapest. I describe the place as what Chili's would be like if it had been developed in Budapest.

Glad you had a good time.

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We arrive Saturday, then have 5 full days. Getting excited! :)