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night train to venice?

has anyone taken the night train from Budapest to Venice? some other sites have horror stories and I just want to find out for sure.


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No, I haven't done that exact route, but I have ridden my share of night trains, and have ridden my last.

In order to do that journey you will leave Budapest at 10 minutes after 7 pm for Salzburg. You can't go to sleep because at 1:18 in the morning you have to be off the train in Salzburg, while the train continues on to Zurich.

You will change trains to the night train which left Vienna a couple of hours before you passed through and has now sat in Salzburg for 90 minutes waiting for you to catch up. Leaving Salzburg at 1:34 you can now try to sleep for a couple of hours, and you arrive at Venice - probably quite tired - at 8:30.

Is that what you expected?

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As Nigel has described, there is no direct night train from Budapest to Venice. (There is one from Vienna.) Compare flights at, which can be pretty reasonably priced.

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There are people who love night trains and use them often. G-d Bless those folks. I was on one, but it was many years ago before the change and ..... well ...... lets not even go into it. I'm older now and I am sort of set in my ways. My impression of the best post-change night train is something like this:

8am get up and shower and do some sight seeing.

Check out of hotel at noon. Hope to heck that the desk will watch the luggage until 8 pm. If not take a preemptive trip to the train station and pay for a locker; damn, doesn't fit.

Get on train and break out the RAID to treat the bed.

Midnight, decide that I must try and get some sleep.

Terrified of being asleep when train reaches the station so I woke every 30 minutes and just quit trying to sleep at 4 am.

6am arrive in ???? and head for the next hotel and hope to heck that the desk will watch the luggage till 2pm check in. What? no?, back to the train station. Geepers, still doesn't fit.

2pm leave tour to retrieve luggage and check into hotel. Rest of tour glad I did (I haven't showered in 18 hours and I slept in a RAID laden, un-air-conditioned night train.

Dang I'm having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am exhausted.

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It can be done but still it's a long haul. I myself would take this route, maybe because I am most familiar with it. Depart from Budapest Keleti pu for Munich Hbf. on a Rail Jet train. That takes ca. 6+ plus hrs. Give yourself 2-3 hrs break at Munich Hbf for dinner, etc, If you get in to Munich prior to 8 pm, you can eat at the Karstadt dept store, not just at the Hbf. You'll need the break, then you take the EN night to Venice that arrives a bit after 0600. Reservations are not mandatory for the BP-Munich leg, but are mandatory for the EN train.