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Budapest to Prague

Hello, we are traveling from Budapest to Prague the end of June and are looking for suggestions to the best way to get there. Train? Bus? Thanks.

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The cheapest is the train but that's a long haul. Seven hours on the day train and 10 hours on the night train (no way i could sleep on one of those things and what do you do in Prague at 6:30 in the morning all stinky and no shower?) If you aren't going to stop and see Vienna along the way I would fly. But its a shame to skip Vienna.

This one is really marginal. On second thought, if I were not going to stop in Vienna for at leas one full day I just wouldn't plan a trip from Budapest to Prague for a vacation. I would pair Prague with Germany in the future and I would pair Budapest with Romania or Slovakia for this trip.
Here is why:
Transfer to Airport .75 + Early Arrival 1.5 + Flight Time 3.5 + Airport Processing.75 + Transfer to town .75 = Total time 7.25 hours. Cost $300.00
Transfer to train station .5 + Early arrival .5 + Train time 7 + Transfer to hotel .5 = Total time 8.25 hours. Cost $30.00

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I did as James has suggested, and was surprised at how much I liked Vienna.

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This is a duplicate posting. Train thru Vienna is the way to go.

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Getting from Budapest to Prague is pretty simple, it's a direct connection , no transfering of trains needed by day.

The problem with the night train is that it arrives in Prague ca 0400 or so. That would not be a problem for me if I knew the station. If it were Wien Westbahnhof at that hour, I wouldn't mind. No need to take the night train

Take the early train from Budapest. Within 7 hours you'll be there in Prague.

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Take the Student Express bus. Better than the train, it has wifi, tv's in the seats, movies and TV to watch. No one here talks about the busses but I felt they were much more convenient and at times luxurious than the trains. Also alot less hassle and stress.

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My landlord in Budapest also advised us to take the bus to Prague this summer. She said her husband did it last year and found it very comfortable and hazzle free.

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If you prefer flying or trains...go for it and all will be fine I am sure.
But I have to say that I took the bus from Prague to Bratislava last Fall and I know the bus continues to Budapest. It was great!
It was on-time...we had a nice hostess serving free coffee and other hot wifi, earphones, decent selections of movies to watch...very comfortable seats! I took the Student Agency bus and would do it again for sure.

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Sept. 2013 we took the train from Budapest to Prague. Bought our tickets a few days in advance from the MAV-START office on Jozsef Attila u by Erzsebet ter. We opted to go first class for 35 Euro. I think it is 19 Euro for second class. The train had a dining car....where we had lunch with a beer. Although it took about 7 hours we enjoyed it.

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Seems to me, and I could be dead wrong, but spending 7 hours on a bus no matter how comfortable the seat would be a little too much like the flight across the Atlantic. I like the freedom to get up and wander around on a train. But the truth is I don't do 7 hour train trips. There is no way I would make that trip with out overnighting in Vienna or Bratislava or Brno or .....?? Four hour is my limit for a "vacation".