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10 days in Hungary itinerary- help please with timing

My husband and I will be travelling with our 22 year old son for 10 days in June (arr 1 June, dep 11 June). Focusing solely on Hungary. We are seasoned travelers, love history, museums, and driving trips and don't mind quirky off the beaten path places if they are worth the trip.

So far the trip looks like:
1 June: arrive and drive to Holloko, night in Holloko (have this night booked)
2 June: see Holloko, drive to Eger, night in Eger
3 June: see Eger, Matyo Museum in Mezokovsd, night in Eger
4 June: drive to Godollo tour palace, drive to Pecs, night in Pecs
5 June: see Pecs, night in Pecs
6 June: drive to Esztergom, see Esztergom, night in Esztergom
7 June: drive and see Visegrad, Szentendre, return car and head to Budapest, night in Budapest
8 - 10 June: Budapest
11 June: depart to AMS

I am least certain on staying the night in Esztergom. 6 June is a Monday and all museums seem to be shuttered. Maybe something prior could be done more quickly to allow more time in Budapest at the end? Not sure how much time Eger requires. Any thoughts or other recommended itineraries, hotels, apartments are welcome.


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I assume you have the car rental arranged and you can drop it in Szentendre.

You didn't say from where you are coming and how. If by train that might present some options.

You say you have the first night booked, but you might consider staying in Eger and just going out for day trips. Holloko didn't thrill me, but it was an interesting stop in route. Nice driving country. Think about Miskolc/Lillafüred, the castle and forest train ride, caves, etc.

The Eger to Pecs day is pretty tough and not the prettiest drive once you get past Budapest. You might save a few dollars and drop the car and take the train from Budapest to Pecs; then spend a few nights in Budapest and only then decide if you want to go to Esztergom as well (train). You might discover you want to spend the time in Budapest or do a shorter day trip just to Szentendre.

No matter how you do it, sounds like a great trip.

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Let's say you spend June 1, 2 as you describe but you drive into Budapest the evening of the third and rent and turn in the car. Rent an apartment for the rest of the stay.

June 4 in Budapest
June 5 take a day pack on a morning train to Pecs
June 6 mid afternoon train to Budapest. Evening in Budapest, theater, concert, dinner, cruise, etc.
June 7 in Budapest
June 8 morning train to Szentendre, early afternoon boat back to Budapest then evening in the Bathhouse before dinner (maybe Paprikas)
June 9, morning train to Esztergom, late afternoon train back to Budapest. OR, spend night and take bus to Visegrad, then Budapest the next day ... or I know a driver that might cost about $250. OR you are having too much fun in Budapest and want to stay in town.
June 10 Budapest
June 11 leave.

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Thanks for the reply. We are connecting in Amsterdam after an overnight from Newark, arriving BUD at 4:15 pm so don't need a very long drive that day, which is why Holloko fits nicely. I will now route to the north to get to Eger slowly the next day.

I will look at apartments in Budapest - any recommendations as to neighborhoods or even more specific?

Still mulling over the Danube Bend sights - how would you prioritized them? Thinking we could drive directly to Esztergom from Pecs @3 hrs, see the Basilica, and still get the car back to the airport or in-town drop off before 5 pm if we get up and out of Pecs in the morning.

I don't want to short-sheet Budapest, as almost everything I read says at least 4 full days. I am not certain if that includes day trips or not. Seems to be plenty to stay busy with.

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This pretty much describes the location in town where I think a first time visitor should stay. But its only my opinion.!25168&authkey=!AKgtUotNKdEBP-8&ithint=file%2cpdf

As for a specific apartment; there are hundreds to choose from. I would start with Airbnb or VRBO or any of the major listing companies. When you find something you think is interesting if you will let me know where it is then maybe I can tell you something about the area its in before you make a decision.

I will PM you a link to a brochure that has more information on what to do, see, how to get there, etc.

Let me know what else I can do to help.


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James has covered it all, so I will just say that you definitely, absolutely don't want to short yourselves on time in Budapest. I spent 4 days there in 2014 and saw my top choices, then could not stop thinking about it so just returned last week for 6 days and there's STILL stuff I didn't do. This trip I went to Godollo and it was one of the more satisfying palaces I've visited--not enormous, but they let you see a lot of rooms and there's lots of interesting items in each room and thorough English descriptions. It wasn't at all crowded on a Tuesday morning.

I particularly enjoyed touring Parliament, House of Terror, Applied Arts and Ethnographic museums, National Gallery and the Castle Hill area and the Great Synagogue. This trip I went to an opera at the Opera House and a delightful play at the Operettszinhaz, and made day trips to the town my mother's family came from, Tata, and also to Szentendre.