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Im-oon Thai Restaurant, Klauzál tér 15, 1072

I have another thread ongoing about my current trip, but I didn't want this to get lost in the posts...

I wandered into this place about a year ago, took a seat upstairs and had some pretty decent Thai food. That was about it.

A local friend suggested it for take-out a few nights ago and since it was close I went to pick something up.

This time I stood downstairs and waited on the order.

Soe explanation first. The entire first floor is not more than 20 foot square, half of that is the kitchen, and sits 6 people. The upstairs is maybe 10 x 20 and seats another six.

When you walk in the door the order counter is right there in your face and behind it is the "kitchen". In all there is maybe 10 feet of counter for prep and cooking. Standing behind the two woks is a magnificent Thai gentleman in a chefs jacket. This guy looks like he could be on the Food Network and is as neat and professional as could be imagined, given he is on his feet cooking non-stop 10 hours a day. He handles the two woks simultaneously like a chef off one of those high priced cooking shows. Just watching him is worth the stop. And every plate comes out with the touches and style you would expect in a 5 star restaurant.

Another gentleman receives the dirty woks and washes them in a sink in a small recess in the back wall and two wait staff take care of the customers. My order took under 10 minutes from translation to walk out the door.

I dont know what I did wrong on the first trip, because I have never had better Thai food and I eat Thai a lot.

Wait, MisterE you went to Budapest to eat Thai? Isn't it always said on the RS forum that when you travel someplace you should eat where the locals eat? This is one of those places. I have been back twice now and I suspect I will be back several more times over the course of the next 3 1/2 weeks.

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Ooh, one more reason I'm looking forward to being back in Budapest. Google maps says it's an 8-minute walk from my hotel. I'm not concerned about your eating non-Hungarian food. I would be appalled if you said you were drinking non-Hungarian wine.

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We started eating at Thai restaurants while traveling with a family member who has some dietary restrictions--Thai food is usually a safe bet. Now it's something we actively search out while in Europe. Now we just need to get back to Budapest....