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Looking for a hotel in Budapest

We'd love to be centrally located near the river. We'll be walking or relying on public transportation.

Roberta Schlechter

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FYI, all of the hotels that Rick Steves and his researchers have recently visited and approved are listed in his guidebooks.

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We just returned from a few days in Budapest s part of a larger Central European trip (not a boat cruise), and I am happy to tell you that the public transportation system in Budapest is first-rate. We bought a week's transit pass upon arrival (cheaper than a 4 day pass) and used it constantly to wing around the city (which is very spread out). While we didn't stay by the river, we stayed at the Gerloczy DeLux Rooms (listed in the RS guidebook) and for the most part liked it a lot. It is central, but enough off the main drag to feel more quiet, and has a great cafe attached where you take your breakfast (we also ate dinner there and found it excellent). A very atmospheric place, reminiscent of Paris.
Prices are very reasonable in Budapest and the food in general is excellent. Take a boat cruise if you can (really beautiful to see Budapest from the river) - we went with Rick's recommendation and they did honor his RS discount. In general, we really loved Budapest although the history with both the Naziis and the Communists was very emotionally impactful for us. There is a lot to see and do there!

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We were in Budapest 2 weeks ago and stayed at Le Meridien. It is located right across from the big ferris wheel downtown and right by the river. It is a beautiful 4 star hotel but it was not that expensive compared to other capitol cities. We can't wait to go back to Budapest as we only spent 2 days there and it was not enough!

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I was there in August and stayed at the Boutique Hotel Zara on So utca (just off Vaci utca where it ends, so 1 block from the Great Market Hall and Liberty Bridge), very close to metro and tram. My room was small, though since I was alone it wasn't that big of a problem (I expect there are various sizes of rooms available), and the hotel was very clean, good amenities, pleasant and helpful staff and excellent breakfast buffet. I felt it was an extremely convenient location for everything I wanted to do, lots to see just walking in that area and maybe a 5 minute walk to public transit. Like others have posted, the food is fabulous, whether from the Market Hall or more upscale restaurants, and the people are very kind and sincerely helpful, and their transit system is wonderfully efficient. I took the HEV train for a day trip to Szentendre, highly recommend if you like charming little artsy towns. Can't wait to return, my 4 days are now seeming to have been just a tease!

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My home in Budapest has been several times the Acafa Apartments, a new office-building-looking beautiful building, at 39 or 49 Euros per night, we had a studio apartment with a complete kitchen, bath (with clothes washer), balcony, and and extremely efficient dead bolt lock on the door. I reserved through their web site and it is payable in cash in Euros or Forints. It is located a few blocks from Blaha Ljusa ter metro station, near the Synagogue, near a supermarket, and an Internet cafe (I did not have my laptop with me). And, I think Rick has been in Budapest last about then years ago...... at least that is when he last filmed there....

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Rather try and guess someone's taste and budget and facilities expectations let me just suggest a neighborhood then you can go to Budapest on google maps and type in "hotel" and they will all pop up (or at leas an awful lot of them will).

So the neighborhood: Google Map search for "The Oktogon Budapest" (miss spelling is correct). Now draw an imaginary line down the center of Andrassy ut from the Oktogon to the river. Now find a place two blocks above to three blocks below that line.

Closer to the Oktogon the least expensive and the more "Hungarian". The closer to the river, the more expensive and the more touristy. But all excellent locations for being close to the best.

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I was in the Budapest for the first time last month and enjoyed my stay at the Danube Guest House a lot. Right near the Great Synogogue, and walkable to the river, plus tram and bus stops.