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Hotel Medosz Budapest - Very Bad Experience Beware

I felt inclined to write this review as several on RS had recommended.
Paid in full in advance for Superior Double arrived to find they had 'Errored" and only economy twin rooms were left! No compensation or help moving bags next day to double room.
I had purchased 5 ladies blouses from the store "Cos" on Friday came back to Hotel changed into one left the other 4 in the muslin bag and back into the Cos shopping bag. Saturday was a busy day sightseeing, Sunday we were packing to leave and the muslin bag with my 4 new blouses and the receipt were gone! I addressed it with the receptionist and she said i must have "misplaced" it!! I called the police, they came and took my statement, asked if there was signs of a forced entry. There was not. We all asked to review the security cameras but were told, "there are NO security cameras in this wing of the hotel"!! The receptionist said to me ,"why would our staff risk losing their jobs". I asked for the report on whom entered my room during this timeframe as it records from the key card. They sent it in a format I could not open, I asked to send it another way and have yet to receive anything!

The breakfast here was awful, we opted to eat out one morning even though it had been paid for. The coffee machine made two types of coffee, sweet and sweeter. Im giving it a one only because the location was good but unless you're prepared to LOCK EVERTHING IN YOUR ROOM STAY ELSEWEAR! Not once did I hear from the

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Wow, you had a terrible experience, I’m so sorry about that! I hope your loss is addressed adequately. I have stayed there twice, this May and last May, and had no issues whatsoever...thought they provided an excellent & varied breakfast, with some different offerings every day. Both times I booked through Expedia and got exactly the rooms I wanted, and will hopefully return next May.

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Reminder: Hotel rooms are usually left open when the cleaning staff are working in them. It is possible for someone walking down the hall to see into the room, observe a shopping bag, pop into the room while the bathroom is being cleaned, and grab the bag. This is why I lock my suitcase whenever I'm out of the room and don't leave anything outside it that might be attractive to a thief.

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I agree with acraven's viewpoint.

There is that unfortunate possibility, housekeeping had the door open, and your bag was visible? It takes two seconds probably to steal a shopping bag. Yes, it's nervy and sneaky.

The hotel rep is right - would a staff member risk a job loss over a few blouses? Were they silk? I'm not making light of your stolen goods. Without security footage, it is hard to prove. IF it was a hotel employee, it's their conscience; nothing you can do right now.

It's always good practice to lock up purchases and personal stuff in your luggage. Then store that luggage in the closet. I always organize my purchases as a "ready to go" daily in my luggage. It helps too when I'm ready to leave. You're tired, sad to leave, nervous about the plane, etc. Doing the small things ahead can help. I also do a room, drawer, outlet check, etc.

Aside from potential thievery, nothing is in the way of housekeeping's work.

Every morning, before going down to breakfast, I would put "everything" away - toiletries, nightclothes, other miscellaneous - not that I mistrusted the housekeeping, it just made for a more efficient room clean for her.

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It only takes one staff member to steal and I am sorry I do believe one person might do it - they don’t risk their job doing it at all as hotel seems to automatically take their side , as in this case !

Also no way would I stay in an economy room without the price difference being refunded to me for the superior room I booked - that is simply unacceptable and only shows the hotel is not decent .

Don’t stick up for a hotel because RS stayed there ( likely once years ago ) as I believe some of the hotels once in guide book take advantage of the increased business and let their standards slip .