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Gerloczy Cafe

Best restaurant in Budapest as far as I'm concerned - it's in Ricks guidebook.

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Agreed! I eat there everytime I'm in town-and the best part it's a block away from the apartment I rent. I can't wait to go back this summer. Love the service, food and atmosphere.

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Ive always been in the minority on this place. I think its overprices and pretentious with miserable service. If your time in Hungary is limited, then go eat Hungarian food in Hungarian neighborhoods and leave this wanna-be French café to those that ...............

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With the current exchange rate, I don't think $50 for a bottle of wine, 2 appetizers, and 2 entrees is overpriced!

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Sorry if I sounded a little hard. If you like the place that’s really all that matters. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Personally, if I want a little slice off Paris (like their advertisements promote) I will either go to Paris or look for a place in my home town so the uniqueness of being in Budapest isn’t wasted.

As for the cost, I can’t believe I did this, but I did:
From their menu, the average price of a starter is $7.25
The average price of a Main Course is $13.75
The average price of a bottle of red wine is $25.00 (after, to be fair, I eliminated the ultra-high price wines on the menu)

So on average your meal would have been about $67 before any tip. Not that you couldn’t do it for $50; and I do believe you.

I checked it against a few Hungarian comparable and to be honest the French place’s cost wasn’t totally out of line. Maybe on average 10% higher. But that’s subjective as all get out. Get out of the deep dead center heart of the tourist zone and a comparable meal (but Hungarian food) might be 25% less. Again, subjective as all get out.

I guess I get a little frustrated because most people have so little time and if they spend it in places like this, then they miss so much of what is really special about Budapest. Not that its bad, just a lost opportunity.