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Fortuna Boat Hotel Budapest Part 2 Cons

Here are the cons, but the good things about it outweigh the bad! I LOVED this hotel and was a big part of my Budapest experience!
Here is part 2 of my review.

Boat Hotel Fortuna
Even though staying on a boat is loads of fun, Boat Hotel Fortuna is not for everyone.

The Cons
The most important is the air. When you walk in, the air smells like a boat! A musty smell. Not very pleasant. You can control the air conditioner yourself, so set it on cool and then you barely smell anything at all. Before you unpack, check to see if the AC is working properly.

  1. TV buzzes. In all the hotels in Hungary, the TVs are set so that you can't raise the volume and with a buzz, you can barely hear at all. If you don't understand Hungarian, this shouldn't matter to you. There are some English speaking channels, but you’re most likely not in Budapest to watch TV anyway. I had it on once only to test it. It was off the rest of the time. The breathtaking view from my window was my TV.

  2. The pillows are very flat. I asked for an extra pillow, so three flat pillows were like having one normal pillow. They are happy to give you as many pillows as you want.

  3. Because the room is so small, it's hard to get in and out of bed. I had to crawl to the foot of the bed to get out. The hotel offers larger rooms for a higher price.

  4. No toiletries. This cuts down hotel cost to you, so bring your own.

  5. The mini bar is not nearly cold enough.

  6. Most of the front desk staff barely smile, but they are not rude and are very professional. That is what’s most important.

  7. The lobby is small. They could use a couple of chairs so that when people check in, they can take out anything from their luggage that they may need for a few hours if you have an early arrival and need to wait for your room. It's hard to do this standing up!

  8. If you are not a walker or you don't have a car, this location may not be for you. There is public transportation, but by the time you reach it, you're half way into town anyway! It takes 30 minutes or longer if you walk to town. It's easy if you know how to do it. Ask the front desk on how to walk there safely.

  9. The windows don't open. Most boats and hotels don't have windows that open anyway.

  10. Because many rooms are facing the deck, every once in a while someone will walk by your room. At least when I was there, no one peeked in, but you never know! I stayed dressed in case they did! I wanted to keep my curtains open to see the lovely views. You can request rooms that are not on the walkway.

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